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    Plots of land for construction by the Atlantic ocean.
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    New eco-friendly and fast developing region of the Dominican Republic
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    The total project area is 60 hectares, the length of the coastline is 1400 m
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    A river flows through the project area and goes into the ocean with a marina for yachts and boats
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    A hotel complex with benefits for owners is provided on the project area
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    The project has all the communications. We provide support at the construction stage

You can book your land by the Atlantic ocean today!


Just three simple steps:

  1. Select a plot by location, area and cost on the iteractive map;
  2. Send us a request with your contact details here - link to the application form;
  3. After receiving the confirmation, fill out and send us the preliminary agreement and make a prepayment of $1000.

We accept payments:

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Special offer!

Only before November 1, 2020 !

If you pay for a reservation before November 1, 2020, in the amount of $1000, the final transaction amount of the transaction will be calculated taking into account the compensation of the cost of your two air tickets in economy class from your city to Punta Cana and back for the period of the transaction, the amount is calculated according to the provided payment document. We will provide accommodation in the Project and transfer from Punta Cana airport for the period of registration of ownership free of charge. 

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Investment attractiveness

Dominican Republic today is one of the best places for private investment: the authorities help and encourage foreigners to buy property on the new and secondary markets (no restrictions and no limit); simplified procedure of obtaining residence permit and citizenship; for non-residents, local banks offers financing on good terms; the economy is steadily growing and developing on the island sent a large flow of investment, followed by rising prices per square meter, and not only on the expensive beach areas, but also in residences distant from the ocean.

Villas and apartments in the Dominican Republic are successfully rented out to independent travelers from North and Latin America and Europe. Now the market is being developed by Russians. To rent your property, it is enough to conclude an agreement with the management company on mutually beneficial terms. Our company Kupidom.do also provides this kind of service.

Over the past year, according to statistics, the volume of transactions with premium real estate, which certainly includes the CeybaPark project, increased by 10%!

Rental yield of real estate in the Dominican Republic, according to experts, is up to 10% per annum.

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Why Dominican Republic and Miches?

The Dominican Republic is a country of eternal summer and wonderful landscapes, hundreds of kilometers of white coral beaches, chilly even in the midday heat, huge coral reefs, clean rivers, original culture and friendly locals. Christopher Columbus, who discovered the island in 1492, considered this land to be the most beautiful that man has ever set foot on.

The sky over the Dominican Republic is cloudless 95% of a year’s days, and this is one of the most record-breaking indicators in the world! The sun's rays directly affect the production of serotonin in the human body (the "joy hormone") which is a natural antidepressant. Therefore, the Dominican Republic is fairly considered a very happy country to live in!

Miches is one of the most environmentally friendly areas of the Dominican Republic. It is most comfortable for families with children to live and relax there. The resort has many rainforests, most of which face the sandy beaches. The region is the agricultural center of the country, so fresh vegetables and fruits, both authentic and traditional, are always on sale here. In addition, the region has a well-developed animal husbandry, and meat products are also the freshest. Today, Miches is an actively developing resort with new roads, modern residences, large beach hotels, including well-known world brands. In the near future, a new international airport might be created there.

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Summer all year round!

The country's unique proximity to the equator, plus the oceans and seas surround the island, has created a mild, warm and humid climate in most of the Dominican Republic territory. Daytime and nighttime air temperatures remain unchanged all year round: the average minimum is +22 C, the average maximum is +32 C. Annual temperature fluctuations of ocean water near the coast have an excellent indicators: from +24 C to +32 C.

There is no pronounced rainy season in the Dominican Republic. For comparison, in the countries of South-East Asia, which are located in the same climate zone with the Dominican Republic, precipitation is ten times more! Instead, saving winds of different strengths are blowing here in the hot afternoon. In scientific terms, the Dominican Republic, due to its geographical location, is located in the hurricane belt. However, thanks to the mountain ranges, strong hurricanes do not reach the island more often than once in five years, and destructive ones - not more often than in a quarter of a century. The most unpredictable month in terms of weather surprises is September, and the most comfortable months are from November to April.

Project stage

The construction stages of the Project will be filmed weekly and published on our YouTube channel.

Buyers will be able to watch the construction progress and development of the project online.

Project location

-100 km from Punta Cana international airport

- In the resort town of Miches

- 9 km from the new hotel of the famous chain Club Med

- mountains are around the road from the entrance to the project territory

- rainforests adjoin the project area to the right and left

- entrance to the project area from route 104 Mitch-Sabana de La Mar

Interactive Map

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